Long time no see...

Hi guys!
So I know I may have put the "I'll be back soon" sentence on repeat here BUT I'm truly sorry if I wasn't there since june.. It's been way too long. I miss writing so bad and I have so many things I'd like to share =)
These past 3 months have been a roller coaster for me, I've found a new job, I'm moving in a new place in 2 weeks, I had french friends over for a while and I went to Toronto for a few days too.
So basically we have a lot of catching up to do =)
I'm sooooo excited for my new place like I'm going crazy on the home decor magazines and websites, I feel like I'm really into it and kind of always have. Like my parents really like art, my dad owns a few paitings and art pieces and has a renovation company, my mom on the other side is more into drawing, doing DIY and landscaping so I guess it has influenced me in ways that I just discovered.
The furniture I have in my parents house as almost been designed by my mom when we lived in Panama and we brought it back to France when we moved.

Anywas so I have so many thing I want to share =)
I'm gonna live on my very own and its the first time for me so I'm kind of excited and anxious at the same time, I've always had roommates but I feel like it's time for me to move and fly free lol!
It's gonna be a huge challenge because I love living with people.. We'll see how it goes !

Hope to be able to post soon ;)


Christmas eve is SO ON!!

Backstage pictures of the Christmas event of the company I work for at the Public Relations dep =)

This year the main theme of Christmas is an invitation to travel across the world. And every window display represents a city (Shanghai, Paris, London, NY, Venezia and so and so...) 

The whole thing was in partnership with Chanel so obviously Karl Lagerfeld came along with his muse Vanessa Paradis (french actress / Johnny Depp's wife)
We ended the festivities with a private cocktail party at LaDuree famous macaroons tea-salon 

It was a great sunny day and a lot of media covered the event so I was pretty satisfied lol

Bo Bun / Vietnamese urban food


Ummmm see this delicious extra-large bowl of food?
That's one of my favorite places to eat these days.
The restaurant is called Bo-Bun, and its the 9th district of Paris, right next to my office.
The menu offers healthy bo-buns. If you're wondering, its a very popular Viet dish with rice vermicelli and beef 'Bún bò Huế'
You can make your own bo-bun with several ingredients as from beef, chicken or shrimps then add your toppings (spices, mint, peanuts...) . It's not pricy and you can take your meal out =)

Chúc các bạn ngủ ngon ! 


Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by the Ying Yang balance :

selecting the ingredients of a dish with seasonal conditions with the prevalent environment, climatic conditions and the current physical well-being of the diners

For example : Duck meat is considered 'cool' so is served in summer, which is hot and pork which is considered 'hot' is used in cold winter.
Spicy is considered extremely Yang so it must be harmonized with sour which is extremely Ying.

Soft hands in no time?

Still in my winter skincare routine... 
I purchased those deep moisture hand mask from the Korean brand Purederm - Botanical Choice
If you do a lot of cleaning in your house and get your hands like super dry or if it's just the cold that's getting you dry you should try these out!
The instructions behind are in korean but you basically have to wash your hands first, put the hand mask and then put on the gloves and fix them with the bands that are enclosed. 

I'd advise to do the same with your feet (they have a foot-care range also) or just apply deep moisturizing lotion on your feet then cover with old socks before going to bed it works wonders! 

I'm sure you'll be in good hands with those gloves lol

Beauty time

To those of you who hate cosmetics who are just not into it you can skip this article.

I've just gotten a little crazy last week on new products...
First let me explain myself : 

Since its freezing cold and its the time of the year when I get super grumpy with all the wind, rain, clouds, you know winter... lol I HATE it! My skin gets so pale/livid/cadaverous/ so its usually the time of the year when I go hard on cosmetics. 
In order to deal with all this mess I picked products that are rich in vitamins and I try to eat good things like carrots and tomatoes (which keep your skin vivid)

Here is the stuff I got =)
The Body Shop : Vitamin C boost serum/ Vitamin E nourishing night cream / Deodorant / Cleansing wipes 
Benefit Cosmetics : Bathina body cream (which btw is discontinued and i got from an outlet website) / Hello Flawless powder in #3 / Nude matte lipstick
MAC : Studio powder foundation / Dior : Diorshow mascara / L'Oreal : Eyeliner 

#New Style.com PRINT!

The famous fashion magazine has just released its first magazine and I have it =D !!

If you didn't know Style is the #1 source for fashion news, you can basically find almost anything there, from new designers, to the pictures of the runways and collections its a huge thing!

This first Spring 2012 issue is nice and I like it's content BUT I have to say, I will stick to the web version...

You can check it out HERE


Here is the special Beauty issue of the WWD magazine!
So many interesting things to learn, if you work in the fashion industry i recommend it :)


1.Waking up an hour before your alarm clock goes off…
…and going back to sleep! You know you’re getting that good good sleep when your body, fully rested, wakes itself up. It’s far better than being  stunned awake by that wretched alarm clock. When you roll over and notice you have an entire hour of sleep left you can sink back into that fluffy pillow, nestle into the warmth of your covers and drift off with a smile.

2. A Sweet Dream
I read somewhere that we dream every night we just don’t remember the dreams once we wake up. But have you ever woken up with an “oooo” on your lips? A good dream will do that to you. Whether you saw yourself in a place you always wanted to be, had a vision about good things to come or your fantasy boo turned you all the way out, a sweet, vivid dream will feel just like reality. And even though you have to wake up and start your day you can meditate on that scrumptious memory for the rest of the day. Yum!
3. Looking your best
Most work days it’s an accomplishment for me to get out the house on time, looking fly is an unexpected bonus. But every so often I’ll get it. I walk past the mirror and have to throw myself a nod and smile of approval. When you look good your confidence level is fully activated. Can’t nobody tell you nothing!
4. Hearing your jam on the way to work
Sometimes I think my iPod knows me, a deejay in tune with my moods. Every song is hittin’. No skips. Sure I hand selected the songs to put on there but selecting the perfect song out of thousands of options is not something I take lightly. When your jam comes on it’ll take every fiber in your being to prevent you from singing along in your off key headphone voice. For those of you who drive to work go ahead and vibe out when your joint comes on the radio. Forget about the people staring at you, if they’ve never gotten down to their song, they haven’t lived.
5. Your morning beverage.
Now that the temperatures are getting a little more brisk, that coffee, tea or hot chocolate is the perfect morning soother. We all know people who are absolutely no good until they have their morning coffee. I’m not encouraging chemical dependency, but if a little caffeine will keep you from cussing your nosy co-worker out then by all means sip away. Even if you don’t depend on the morning hotness to get you going, we can all appreciate the feeling we get from a warm morning beverage. The steaming hot liquid moving through your pipes feels like a hug from the inside out. Delicious in every sense of the word.



Trendmix : Art news

I know it's been a while since I've posted about art, but I keep looking at very interesting things, and here are some of them I would like to share with you!


Beauty trend series for Rouge Magazine (China) made with water color


American photographer and socialite Douglas Friedman has an awesome portfolio. After working as an assistant to David Fincher and traveling the world for 2 years, he is now shooting between NY and LA for top publications such asThe New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, V, Vogue, Wallpaper, Elle Décorand Vanity Fair – Photographing interior, fashion, portraits and architecture. One of my favorite series of Friedman’s, featured here is his “Celebrity Home”.

Via Trendland 

Sims 3 Ambitions - iPad

As some of you may know I love video games and I've been playing on The Sims 3 on iPad !!
I'll try to review it asap!
xoxo Cici

Hello Autumn

Hi everyone, Today is officially the first day of autumn! To get you in the fall spirit I've decided to channel my inner Oprah and present you with a few of my favorite pictures about this time of the year. Fashion and beauty aside (yet!) I love this season it reminds me of so many things and of course there's Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays and I love to celebrate it every year with my friends!

6 Layering Tips for Fall

So, you've done your fall shopping, and now you have to figure out how to style your new clothes. When the cold comes, it's all about layering. Here are my favorite celebrities tricks for wearing jackets, cardigans and scarves in ways that are sexy so you won't look like a astronaut lol.

Read more: How to Layer for Fall - Layering Tips for Fall - Cosmopolitan 


If you haven’t heard by now, not only do pretty girls rock, but pretty girls also sweat!

Sponsored by the popular organization T.E.E.N. Diaries, and The Society of Girls, Inc., on September 24, Project Butterfly touched down in NYC. Teenagers and young adults sported T-shirts that said “Pretty Girls Sweat” and showed that they do by busting out their best double dutch, jumping rope in place and participating in a lot more heart-pumping activities. The event was hosted by R&B singer Keri Hilson, a former basketball and swim star.
When she arrived, Ms. Keri Baby rocked her Nikes, the same “Pretty Girls Sweat” shirt everyone else was wearing, and a Nike hat to keep her hair from sweating out (we hear that!). She was ready to blend in with the nearly 100 young girls in the venue, and to help motivate them.
“A lot of girls you’ll notice, in life, they shy away from adversity. First yield sign they see, they don’t push through it, they kind of back away. Now a boy grows up and sees a red light and will run right through it. Guys have a certain drive and competitive spirit within. I think it’s important to show young girls that ‘Hey, you can do that too.’”
Known for its work to help minority girls make a smooth transition into adulthood, organizer T.E.E.N. Diaries was influenced by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. CEO Aeshia DeVore Branch says events like Project Butterfly are both important and necessary for young women because they can help take the stigma out of exercising and incorporate fun, sweat-inducing activities into girl’s lifestyles.”We want to teach them that they can find multiple ways to have fun and be fit. So that’s what they walk away today with saying, ‘You know what, I can jump rope and I can dance even if it’s not typically exercise, and I can listen to my favorite music and burn calories.’”
The girls who attended the event were all really excited to have Hilson come through and share her stories and wisdom with them. As 15-year-old Zakiya Gantt put it, “She is just somebody I look up to. She does good things for people. Just look at this event! All different people coming from all different places just to see her, hear her and doactivities. “And 16-year-old Kayla Anglin agreed, and felt the event was good for also keeping girls out of trouble: “She has a good image. She hasn’t done anything bad so most people here look up to her. And I think this is a good event to keep all girls together. They’re not in the streets doing anything bad so it’s helping them stay focused.”
Despite her hectic schedule, Hilson still enjoys working out and is a huge fan of heart-pumping cardio workouts. She and her team do uphill sprints in every city she touches down in for concerts and events, and she still tries to swim every now and then. But when it comes to women who don’t work out because of their hair, don’t worry ladies, Keri feels your pain and understands:
“You know what, I got to be honest, I’m that woman sometimes. I’m that woman that when it’s freshly, freshly done, I don’t want to head straight from the hair salon to the gym. But I’ll give it maybe a couple days. When I get my hair done, I usually take a break or try to do something a little less sweaty. That’s when I do the lunges. Do more like strength training or high reps. You don’t want to go run and sweat it all out, but you should still stay active.”
On top of looking fab, talking about the importance of exercising and having a healthy self-esteem, Hilson also played games with all of the girls who attended, signed autographs, took pictures, and even learned a dance routine put together to her hit song “Pretty Girl Rock.” Guests also had the chance to learn how to runway walk with the help of Sports Illustrated model Damaris Lewis, got their sweat on thanks to youth fitness instructor Bob Stewart, and received some dope and very free products from Miss Jessies. We just love when celebrities use their powers for good.