1.Waking up an hour before your alarm clock goes off…
…and going back to sleep! You know you’re getting that good good sleep when your body, fully rested, wakes itself up. It’s far better than being  stunned awake by that wretched alarm clock. When you roll over and notice you have an entire hour of sleep left you can sink back into that fluffy pillow, nestle into the warmth of your covers and drift off with a smile.

2. A Sweet Dream
I read somewhere that we dream every night we just don’t remember the dreams once we wake up. But have you ever woken up with an “oooo” on your lips? A good dream will do that to you. Whether you saw yourself in a place you always wanted to be, had a vision about good things to come or your fantasy boo turned you all the way out, a sweet, vivid dream will feel just like reality. And even though you have to wake up and start your day you can meditate on that scrumptious memory for the rest of the day. Yum!
3. Looking your best
Most work days it’s an accomplishment for me to get out the house on time, looking fly is an unexpected bonus. But every so often I’ll get it. I walk past the mirror and have to throw myself a nod and smile of approval. When you look good your confidence level is fully activated. Can’t nobody tell you nothing!
4. Hearing your jam on the way to work
Sometimes I think my iPod knows me, a deejay in tune with my moods. Every song is hittin’. No skips. Sure I hand selected the songs to put on there but selecting the perfect song out of thousands of options is not something I take lightly. When your jam comes on it’ll take every fiber in your being to prevent you from singing along in your off key headphone voice. For those of you who drive to work go ahead and vibe out when your joint comes on the radio. Forget about the people staring at you, if they’ve never gotten down to their song, they haven’t lived.
5. Your morning beverage.
Now that the temperatures are getting a little more brisk, that coffee, tea or hot chocolate is the perfect morning soother. We all know people who are absolutely no good until they have their morning coffee. I’m not encouraging chemical dependency, but if a little caffeine will keep you from cussing your nosy co-worker out then by all means sip away. Even if you don’t depend on the morning hotness to get you going, we can all appreciate the feeling we get from a warm morning beverage. The steaming hot liquid moving through your pipes feels like a hug from the inside out. Delicious in every sense of the word.


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