Bo Bun / Vietnamese urban food


Ummmm see this delicious extra-large bowl of food?
That's one of my favorite places to eat these days.
The restaurant is called Bo-Bun, and its the 9th district of Paris, right next to my office.
The menu offers healthy bo-buns. If you're wondering, its a very popular Viet dish with rice vermicelli and beef 'Bún bò Huế'
You can make your own bo-bun with several ingredients as from beef, chicken or shrimps then add your toppings (spices, mint, peanuts...) . It's not pricy and you can take your meal out =)

Chúc các bạn ngủ ngon ! 


Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by the Ying Yang balance :

selecting the ingredients of a dish with seasonal conditions with the prevalent environment, climatic conditions and the current physical well-being of the diners

For example : Duck meat is considered 'cool' so is served in summer, which is hot and pork which is considered 'hot' is used in cold winter.
Spicy is considered extremely Yang so it must be harmonized with sour which is extremely Ying.

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