Long time no see...

Hi guys!
So I know I may have put the "I'll be back soon" sentence on repeat here BUT I'm truly sorry if I wasn't there since june.. It's been way too long. I miss writing so bad and I have so many things I'd like to share =)
These past 3 months have been a roller coaster for me, I've found a new job, I'm moving in a new place in 2 weeks, I had french friends over for a while and I went to Toronto for a few days too.
So basically we have a lot of catching up to do =)
I'm sooooo excited for my new place like I'm going crazy on the home decor magazines and websites, I feel like I'm really into it and kind of always have. Like my parents really like art, my dad owns a few paitings and art pieces and has a renovation company, my mom on the other side is more into drawing, doing DIY and landscaping so I guess it has influenced me in ways that I just discovered.
The furniture I have in my parents house as almost been designed by my mom when we lived in Panama and we brought it back to France when we moved.

Anywas so I have so many thing I want to share =)
I'm gonna live on my very own and its the first time for me so I'm kind of excited and anxious at the same time, I've always had roommates but I feel like it's time for me to move and fly free lol!
It's gonna be a huge challenge because I love living with people.. We'll see how it goes !

Hope to be able to post soon ;)


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