Haul ! Haul ! Haul !

Yesterday I went shopping and got some stuff from Sephora...
I already tried their face masks and it was a disaster... I only liked their eyelash curler and one color palette, that can only use with 2 coats of primer to make the pigments pop and last long...
I also tried some nail polishes that were okay.

I saw these fake lashes that I already tried 2 years ago when I abviously did NOT know how to apply it the right way and used the H&M glue...
Now that I know how to apply it and have my favorite DUO GLUE I think this will work very well,
and as far as I'm going out tonight I WILL try it and post some twitpics on my twitter with comments =)

I also got these 2 very pretty nail polishes from H&M's new collection... 
I really like em! The green one #Envy Me is an emerald green kind of thick so you only need one coat, and the blue one #Spending Cash With Carl is an electric blue, not thick at all so I recommend 1 to 2 coats, it has some green shadows that look absolutely amazing! 
I'm so surprised that H&M did those nail polishes! 
I will definitely rock the green one for christmas.
 Spending cash with Carl
Envy Me


  1. Le vernis bleu electrique est top! Plus de filles devraient en porter! :)

    P.S : C'est moi qui t'ecrit de San Diego hahaha