Test : Diorshow kit (SIGH)

Yesterday I was looking for a new mascara since my L’Oreal Million Lashes went reported MISSING =(

So I went to Sephora in order to find a new one among all the other products they provide.
I saw a few Christmas gift sets including the one right there, it was only 30 box and I had a 10% coupon lol , I already tried the Dior Blackout and really liked it so I said why not try this one too !

 Unfortunately it SUCKS!!! The brush is way TOO BIG for your lashes (I already have pretty long lashes) the color is not that black, so this is a big disappointment to me... The mixture is too thick, your lashes get stuck together. And I applied it with a lot of caution! !

The only positive thing is that my lashes are not dry after applying it.

Feel free to comment if you already tried it ;)

Look at the brush! It's supposed to be Black 090 (Rich black) and it looks brown... #SMH (lol)

Still, I have the black liner pencil, and the makeup remover... the liner is really good though, it looks really black and you can smudge it well !

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