Test : Power Mask by Sephora

Power Mask - Fusio-Fiber Face Mask

 This groundbreaking thermal treatment establishes instant affinity with the skin to achieve masterfully smooth results.What else you need to know: This complexion-perfecting formula is rich in rehydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory tumeric, and regenerating rosemary for completely calmed, nourished skin. Each packet contains one single-use mask.

Okay so the lady from Sephora told me I could use this mask after a crazy drunk night out so I waited for this to happen... After I laid down in a hot bath i open the package and apply this paper mask on my face for 15 minutes... The texture is a little gross and cold but its okay.
When I put the mask I looked like THAT

You feel immediately something fresh on your skin, I gotta say, it feels really good, especially when you feel all crappy after a long night out. I rinsed it all with cold water and it's cool.

I won't say you absolutely NEED that after a night out, but I will definitely get another one, because Sundays after the party I loooove to lay in my bed or bath and just REST.

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