TOP iPhone Apps !!

Yes I KNOW I used to be in the Blackberry Gang lol but I left the squad when I got my iPhone 4 =) Sorry guys but I fell in love with this cutie, it's 10 times better ! I'm like a phone addict, I sleep with it, text all time, spend hours at night calling, tweeting, checking my emails, listening to music. I figured my Blackberry could't handle it with all it's bugs ! ANYWAYS I don't want to get HATE comments from the Pro BB lol so I'm just gonna go with my fav iPhone Apps excluding the games because it would be too long haha! 

#5 : PINGCHAT : The 1st thing I downloaded when I left BBM =) so I can still chat with my friends from Android, Blackberry and iPhone . You can even have group conversations which is perfect when you're organizing something with your friends, you can share pictures, music for free.

#4 : MOODLAMP 2 : This one is 1 box I think but it's worth your money! Do you know these expensive lamps which glow with slowly changing colors? Well you can have one with your phone for 1$ =)

#3 : iPILL TRACKER : Of course this one is for the ladies, it reminds you when you have to take your pill and you can have a track of your periods and all the ladies things =)

#2 : JUMSOFT MONEY : Personnal finance tool that I use everyday! It helps me manage my money, control my shopping cravings and save for my future !! Such a great thing! 

#1 : CAMERA : I know it's not really an APP but I loooooove my iphone 4! The camera resolution is just incredible especially when I want to take macro shots! I like to use photoshop for iPhone which is good to edit =)

Well that's pretty much it for my favorite iPhone Apps! Of course I have many more that I use everyday but it would be way too long to show it to you guys! 

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