15 Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

Forbes ran an article reviewing fifteen jobs in which women make more money that men, which unfortunately, is still a semi-novel idea.  In 2010, women still earn 81% of what men take in, on average.  Certain fields, however, are dominated by females.

1. Bakers: Fun fact: although baking is a traditionally “feminine” field, men outnumber women. Despite this, women still make 104% more than men.

2. Mangers/Supervisors of Construction: Men comprise 97% of this profession, but women still rake in more than the average salary.

3. Dining room attendants/Bar helpers: Women make an about $2,000/year more than their male counterparts.

4. Personal Appearance Workers: A field that includes manicurists, make up artists, and groomers favors the ladies, salary speaking.

5. Interviewers: Women dominate this field, both in numbers and pay checks.

6. Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers: Women comprise 98% of this field, so no surprise.

7. Teacher Assistants: Women earn 105% as much as men in this occupation.

8. Life, Physical, Health, and Social Science Technicians: Females in this word take home an average of $17 more per week.

9. Dietitians and Nutritionists: Women make up for 83% of dietitians and nutritionists, and make more cash too.

10. Occupational Therapists: Occupational therapy is one of the best paying jobs for women, where they make more than the median salary.

11. Order Clerks: I guess women are better at turning complaints into money.

12. Information and Record Clerks:
 Female-dominated field. Female-dominated salary.

13. Construction/Maintenance Painters: While females only account for 3% of this area, they make more dough doing so.

14. Aircraft, Vehicle, and Mobile Equipment Mechanics: 
Similarly, women only occupy a small percentage of this expertise, but make more than the average.

15. Construction workers: Few women, but big comparative salaries.

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