Are You The Only Girl He’s Seeing?

I was reading a few relationship articles on the internet and I found this one which is pretty interesting =)

It’s never too challenging to find out, perhaps unfortunately however, that the guy you’re seeing is also seeing other ladies.  If this hunch begins as a feeling in the pit of your stomach, pay attention to the world around you through passive observation rather than engaging him out of the blue.  No need to go all girl crazy on him without just cause.

Pay attention to his cell phone.  I don’t recommend snooping through it however.  If you end up going down the snooping road, you are bound to find something that bothers you.  If however a random text from a girl pops up on the screen and the 

phone just happens to be in front of you, then asking him about is reasonable.

Does his phone ring at odd times of the night?  Sure, it could be his drunk buddies doing drunk things, but chances are high that it’s a fling of his looking for some late night company.  And if he tells you it’s a family member, he’s lying.  Think about it.  Whose aunt is really phoning your guy at 2am?

Next, pay attention to the time you spend apart.  Does he actively engage you when you aren’t together or does he go radio silent on Friday nights?  If he is difficult to make plans with and wont easily give up what he’s doing-it’s because he already has plans with somebody else.

And of course, listen up.  If your friend of a friend has told one of your friends that he saw him out with a girl, it’s most likely true.  Finally, direct your attention to a time in your life when you were juggling a few guys.  How did you act to cover your tracks or throw him off the scent?  If he is mimicking your own behavior, pay attention to it.  

Source : The Low Down

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