Favorite products of September

Okay so I've been using over and over again these 10 products =)

NARS #Balthazar
Great shimmery duo eyeshadow! Perfect with the "camel" fashion trend. The pigments are very strong so it lasts the whole day or night. But I recommend using a primer to make it look better.
I use it with my fingers or with a brush if I want to blend it together.
Use the light color for your inner corners and brow bone as a highlighter and the dark color in the outer corner and crease to create an edgy look.
Very long stay
High pigments
Has a mirror and nice package
a little expensive $ 34.00

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
Wow! I actually wanted to try this one because I needed a cheap mascara to travel or to put in my bag. 
Otherwise I use the Make Up Forever Lash extension everyday. But I can confess that the L'Oreal kicked my Make Up Forever one out! lol 
It will seperate every single lash with its brush! 
It gives a lot of volume and stretches your lashes too! 
It gets very hard when it dries so be careful to apply it quickly and with precision
Its also hard to remove!! You better use an oily make up remover


  1. what is that hairspray? do you have very curly hair or is it naturally straight?

    i'm a hair product junkie! *hehe*

  2. i have curly hair! and when i want to wear my hair straight I will use this hairspray to keep it straight =)

  3. nice picks!!! are you a NARS fan?? because I love this brand I think its THE BEST