Sephora Sales =)

I went shopping at the Sephora store in Chatelet (Paris) and got a few items, but I got to say I was disappointed by the lack of items with sales! All the 1euro jars were empty =/

I got that :

- Big Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal hairspray (6euros instead of 21)

- A Platinum eyeshadow brush in Medium and a concealer brush

That's it!!! OMG like there was nothing!!!
As far as I didn't wanted to go to all the Sephora stores in Paris I went shopping on the internet and found great deals =)
I got way more stuff lol!
I will record a Sephora Haul video when I will receive my package so I can show you what I got
I ordered over 60 Euros so I got a Free Delivery =)
Here's some pictures of what I got.

As you can see I got really good deals!


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