New Hairstyle

 Okay so sorry if I wasn't there, posting stuff on my blog, but I've been really busy working.
Anyways, now that I have free time, I can share with you guys some stuff, let's start with my new hairstyle, Ive been thru a few steps to achieve this look..

First I got my hair relaxed in the morning ( I used the Dark And Lovely Relaxer in Medium)
My friend did it for me because it's something dangerous for your hair, and needs to be applied with caution

Then at night I applied by myself the Casting Creme Gloss from L'oreal at home, in a dark brown #400, the color was really dark when I rinsed my hair so I got a little scared but after rinsing it again it was good =) My hair got really dry at the ends ...

So I applied my Mizani overnight mask, put my hair in a hot towel and slept with it until the next day =)
When I took it off the next morning my hair were so soft! I was really happy!
I got to say that doing my color right after my relaxer got me really scared, but it all went good =)

And finally I went to the hair dresser to get a bang and get my hair straight =)
My hairdresser applied me a nourishing conditioner from Mizani to get my hair better

That's it!

I know that relaxing your hair and then color it can be very dangerous for your hair but I made sure to protect my hair before by using a color without ammonia, and applying 2 times a nourishing mask overnight.
Right now my hair are smooth, shiny and in a good shape, I will continue to use Mizani's products, those are AMAZING! Even if it's expensive it's totally worthy !



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