If you haven’t heard by now, not only do pretty girls rock, but pretty girls also sweat!

Sponsored by the popular organization T.E.E.N. Diaries, and The Society of Girls, Inc., on September 24, Project Butterfly touched down in NYC. Teenagers and young adults sported T-shirts that said “Pretty Girls Sweat” and showed that they do by busting out their best double dutch, jumping rope in place and participating in a lot more heart-pumping activities. The event was hosted by R&B singer Keri Hilson, a former basketball and swim star.
When she arrived, Ms. Keri Baby rocked her Nikes, the same “Pretty Girls Sweat” shirt everyone else was wearing, and a Nike hat to keep her hair from sweating out (we hear that!). She was ready to blend in with the nearly 100 young girls in the venue, and to help motivate them.
“A lot of girls you’ll notice, in life, they shy away from adversity. First yield sign they see, they don’t push through it, they kind of back away. Now a boy grows up and sees a red light and will run right through it. Guys have a certain drive and competitive spirit within. I think it’s important to show young girls that ‘Hey, you can do that too.’”
Known for its work to help minority girls make a smooth transition into adulthood, organizer T.E.E.N. Diaries was influenced by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. CEO Aeshia DeVore Branch says events like Project Butterfly are both important and necessary for young women because they can help take the stigma out of exercising and incorporate fun, sweat-inducing activities into girl’s lifestyles.”We want to teach them that they can find multiple ways to have fun and be fit. So that’s what they walk away today with saying, ‘You know what, I can jump rope and I can dance even if it’s not typically exercise, and I can listen to my favorite music and burn calories.’”
The girls who attended the event were all really excited to have Hilson come through and share her stories and wisdom with them. As 15-year-old Zakiya Gantt put it, “She is just somebody I look up to. She does good things for people. Just look at this event! All different people coming from all different places just to see her, hear her and doactivities. “And 16-year-old Kayla Anglin agreed, and felt the event was good for also keeping girls out of trouble: “She has a good image. She hasn’t done anything bad so most people here look up to her. And I think this is a good event to keep all girls together. They’re not in the streets doing anything bad so it’s helping them stay focused.”
Despite her hectic schedule, Hilson still enjoys working out and is a huge fan of heart-pumping cardio workouts. She and her team do uphill sprints in every city she touches down in for concerts and events, and she still tries to swim every now and then. But when it comes to women who don’t work out because of their hair, don’t worry ladies, Keri feels your pain and understands:
“You know what, I got to be honest, I’m that woman sometimes. I’m that woman that when it’s freshly, freshly done, I don’t want to head straight from the hair salon to the gym. But I’ll give it maybe a couple days. When I get my hair done, I usually take a break or try to do something a little less sweaty. That’s when I do the lunges. Do more like strength training or high reps. You don’t want to go run and sweat it all out, but you should still stay active.”
On top of looking fab, talking about the importance of exercising and having a healthy self-esteem, Hilson also played games with all of the girls who attended, signed autographs, took pictures, and even learned a dance routine put together to her hit song “Pretty Girl Rock.” Guests also had the chance to learn how to runway walk with the help of Sports Illustrated model Damaris Lewis, got their sweat on thanks to youth fitness instructor Bob Stewart, and received some dope and very free products from Miss Jessies. We just love when celebrities use their powers for good.

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