Hey guys I hope you're having a good day, here are some pictures that were lying around my phone and I wanted to share it with you :) 
My bestie and I (who's rocking a kick-ass Helmut Lang outfit BTW) // Me trying to ice skate lol 

A delicious bo-bun and some Starbuck's goodies (slurp!)

This picture was taken last week-end during my recovery from a bad flu with my good friend Lya who was sick too. We just hung out in front of TV and ordered food from an exotic restaurant !
Here is Malaysian shrimps with rice and fried alocos (it was devine)

Just a random pic I took of my old Vans boat style I wore sunday afternoon

Some pictures I took sunday in Paris at the block party near Bercy where kids showed us what they got on their roller-blades and skateboards ! It was such a good day, the sun was there, and it's always a good time just to chill with my friends and discover new things =)
Just a silly picture from saturday night, I had a friggin headache after wearing my friend's cap which was too small for my big head lol!

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