Vitamin Lips ??

So yesterday I went to the movies and I got a vitamin water bottle to calm my thirst lol when the waitress handed me a vitaminschtick I was like really???? Cool! I wasn't really convinced of the result. I've tested sooo many cheap lip balms and was disapointed. I only use my Yes To Carrot stick but I can tell you the VitaminSchtick just kicked it out of my bad haha! this lip balm is great! It slips on my lips like water really! So smooth and it hydrates very well too. And of course it tastes just like the beverage ;) 

For the little story : 

Vitamin Water teamed up with everyone’s favorite chapstick Lip Smackers to create Vitamin Schtick. Not only does its adorable packaging mimic your favorite Vitamin Water bottles, the flavors do too. They come in: Power-C (dragon fruit), XXX (acai, blueberry and pomegranate), Multi-V (lemonade), Focus (kiwi/strawberry), Essential (orange), Energy (tropical citrus), Formula 50 (grape), and Revive (fruit punch). They contain both Vitamin E and sunscreen. Your nails match your toes. Why shouldn’t your water match your chapstick?


  1. Déjà j'adore les boissons donc j'imagine les lipbalm ! a tester merci :)

  2. ils sont SUPER!! Le gout est le meme que la boisson et il hydrate vraiment bien les levres!