Yay!!! Friday I celebrated my departure to Canada! and one question was repeatedly asked to me : Why the heck are you going there?? lol
Well I think this country is really charming and I gotta admit I miss some stamps on my passeports haha!
Anyways yeah I've never really been attracted to Canada except for the Niagara Falls (I know shame on me) but now that some of my friends live there and that I spend more and more time watching Discovery Channel I decided to travel more and to go to new countries. It's not that i'm bored with traveling to the US but yeah I want to see new things and meet new people!

So now that I said everything here are some pictures I took with my friends friday who came to the Cafe Oz a very famous Australian Pub in Paris =)
I love to gather all my friends together and just let loose with a few drinks !

 Yeah I do salsa backflips too... haha


  1. Enjoyyyyy :D ! It was greaaat <3

  2. Haha! Looks like you had lots of fun that night. Enjoy Canada! :D