Spring 11 Beauty Trends

Ok so I know everybody talks about it but I've picked my 2 favorite spring trends, things that I would wear =)

Switch your basic black eyeliner for a color shade

bright colors are trendy this year but I think some makeup artist went a little too big with it! A thin layer of colored eyeliner looks bright and you don't end up looking like a clown....

I would advise to apply a thin layer of concealer before applying your liner so it doesn't blend all over the place.
And of course EASY on the lipstick!

Here you can find MAC CHROMALINE

Back it up ! 

This old hairstyle can be sooo edgy! When you don't know what to do with your hair use this !
Not only your hair will look shiny but it's also a chic look for a night out.

You can also wear it with a pony tail but I think the loose style looks better.

Start by your crown and comb the top and sides back. (Keep the comb lines so it looks like waves)

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