Okay so I know you've noticed that I LOOOVE food! I like to try new places and this time I want to talk to you about a place I've been a few times now and that I really like. It's called the Barber Shop, and it's one of my favorite places to have brunch on sunday =) 

It's a nice place, cozy and trendy. The walls are decorated with graffitis, and street art with vintage items all over the place! Oh and there's a DJ playing for us =) What else? Every time I go there the place is crowded so you should make a reservation for groups...
I'll be there next sunday to enjoy my american brunch with egg and bacon muffins, grapefruit juice, pancakes and more! 

The american brunch =) 
 egg and bacon muffins, salad, baked potatoes, hot chocolate, grapefruit juice, pancakes and more! 


  1. C'est vraiment à la mode visiblement, il y a un autre blog qui en parlé avant toi, de la même manière.

  2. Oh ok! Pourtant ca fait un moment que ca existe