The Date Hair to Try This Weekend

Wow I just love Amanda Seyfried's hairstyle here! I think it would be a pretty look to embrace in a date.

The easiest way to get those waves would be a triple barrel iron but in order to avoid a strong look I would advice to just :

- section your hair in 2 parts
- braid it with large and lose parts
- add curling hairspray to fix the curl
- tie everything in a bun and secure with bobby pen

 Sleep with it and the next morning you'll get the same result!

If you have curly hair I would recommend to straighten it BEFORE doing this!

Don't forget to brush your hair to avoid knots and for a smoother result.

1 comment:

  1. few weeks ago I did the exact same hairdo (with less length and totally different texture yeah nappy me) ah ah ah
    I streched out my curls by brushing them dry.
    Addes some gloss pommade and did six big flat twits.
    Keep them under a scarf an entire day and took them of: Really pretty spiral curls. I tought my camera was filming but no.. so no tutorial.
    But I might post a photo of it on my blog