Quick beauty touch-ups

I like to always have nice and sweet lips so I tend to put a lot of chapstick. I lost my cherry chapstick that I got from CVS =(( And since I tried so many ones and couldnt find the perfect match. Either it did not repair my lips or I could be too greasy or too thick. Anyways I saw this one at Sephora the other day and wanted to give it a try. I'll review it soon.

Also I was running out of cleansing wipes so I got those from Formula 10.0.6 which is a brand I really like, I wrote a review on it a few months ago, you can get it at Sephora by the way I was hesitating between those from Sephora and these so I tried the Formula ones yesterday night bef and this morning. And wow it really is great!! It takes off all the dirt of your face without leaving it dry (Sephora ones) or Greasy (Demakup Ones) =D

And finally here are some little things I got from H&M just to keep in my bag. I was also running out of Wet wipes to clean my hands and stuff. I used to use my hand sanitizer for this but I lost my bottle.
The wipes are apple scented, its a strong smell but its okay for me.

I also am a huge fan of body mists lol I have tons of it from H&M and Victoria's Secret ! I just like to refresh and spray it all over my body. It feels soo good and the smell is light =)
Finally I got a new makeup bag and a travel brush!

Thats's pretty much it for this beauty touch-ups haul. Hope you liked it and if you guys have any tips to share about touch-ups feel free to comment below =)

xxxo CC

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  1. thats the cutest brush! from H&M!