5 miraculous products under 15 bux!

I found 5 amazing products under 15! 
I have been searching for good grocery beauty products for a long time, trying them and not always getting the result wanted. But after trying a lot of them I found the 5 ones I can't get rid of! 

Let's start from left to right
1. Sephora body scrub (7 $) :
This body scrub is perfect, not too rough for your skin and it exfoliates very well without ripping your skin off lol, it also leaves your skin smooth and smelling like Hawaiian flowers =) divine!

2. L'oreal Million Lashes mascara in carbon black : (14 $)
I already got the first edition and was in loooove with it, but I lost it somewhere I can't remember, and since I tried other mascaras that I like such as Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash which was great but not black enough or the Dior Black Out that was too thick.
This one is wonderful, it separates the lashes one by one, they get longer, and really black! perfect!!  look at the brush here... 

3. Yves Rocher Hydrating mask (12$) :
I was looking for a good hydrating mask that doesn't itch my face. let me explain, I have this new addiction to exfoliate my skin every morning with a light cleanser but when I exfoliate too much my skin gets sensitive and I get some rednesses too =/
And I got this mask for xmas, and have been using it for a while now. It gives your skin a fresh sensation and leaves it moisturize and smooth =)

4. Garnier Roll On tired eyes (9$) :
I think I already showed you this roller on one of my make up tutorials, this little thing saved my eyes!!!
I was getting dark circles and puffs under my eyes because I was tired and stuff. After using the M.A.C concealer (which is great) my skin was getting a little dry so I had to find something that would help my eyes to deflate lol.
But all the eye contouring creams I found were around 40 box which is too much to spend on...
I went to the supermarket and found this roll on gel. It's actually really good!! It gives you a fresh effect under your eyes and deflates them =D

5. Nivea Sun Touch tanning lotion (9$) :
OMG!!! THE perfect tanning lotion so far. I used to be addicted to the Hema one but it discontinued =(
I had to find another one! When I saw this one I tought I would be like a random grocery tannin lotion but it's not! It works really good and you don't get an orange skin!
Just a little tip for better results : EXFOLIATE your skin before applying it!!

Anyways that's it for my 5 grocery products! If you have found similar products feel free to comment below !

Xxx Cici