Cecilia's Update Of The Week

Okay now that I can write my articles from work I enjoy myself, otherwise I won't really have time to do it.
Humm I had a good week and things keep going well for me =)

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a school advisor for my admission to the school I will atempt next year
And of course I celebrated it with my friends! I have also found an incredible deal for a place with my best friend and I ! All good news so far!

Friday I am going to party with my friends to celebrate the birthday of a close friend, and I am planning on going to NYC this summer or in September if everything goes well.
I don't think I will release my official website because I would have to break my deal with Google and as far as I don't have that much time to record videos I might not be interesting at all.

Anyways I really want to turn this blog in a LIFESTYLE kind of way and I have a LOT of ideas !!!

Have a good week yall and God blesses you guys!

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