Flat Irons at Clubs?? wtf

Hit the bathroom of any NYC nightclub or lounge and chances are, you’ll see loads of primping products: gum, fragrance, lotion, hair spray...it's all there to ensure you look amazing, whether you're just out with the girls or trying to get the attention of the guy busting a groove on the opposite banquette.
But this new discovery is simply genius...especially for girls who regularly dance their way to frizz-dom: a pay-per-use flat iron. About six months ago, these things started popping up in London and other urban European playgrounds. Now they're officially in the U.S., at M2 Ultralounge (the location of many big-name affairs, like last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after-party).
How’s it work? You simply insert $2 to get two minutes of use (it costs a dollar for each additional minute). Not only will a quick straightening session save your hair, it’s also easy on the wallet. And the high temp of the iron ensures you don't get cooties. Source : Cosmo

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