Another #17...

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone =)

Ooh today I got a sauna waist belt for my fitness trainings! Hopefully it will work...
Anyways this week I have 3 new movies to see so I'm going to enjoy myself with my unlimited pass =)
AND I am going to be on a photo-shoot next week for my new website. I figured that it could be nice for me to start my new website with a fresh look =)

Also this weekend I'll be recording my first make up tutorial from VIMEO ! Nice I work all the time and keep my mind busy I don't have much time to record..
I'm really excited for my new Vimeo experience! Unfortunately they don't have like a Webcam recorder.
Hummm what else? Yeah, The new french issue of Elle is amazing, they edited a fashion look book that is really nice and even an article comparing high priced mascaras with the low priced ones.

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