Cecilia's Update of the week

One word : happiness =D
It feels so good!!!!!
Really!!! Like I have everything that I want, even thought I had some bad moments this year with my problems of not having a school, looking for a job ect, it is all behind me =) and I can look straight ahead on my future!

- I have a brand new job and I work for my dad's company, we have our own office and I have more responsabilities now that our business is really stable and rising =D $$$$ lol

- I am about to move in my own place by September =)

- Thursday I had my last school admission test for a very good Communication School

- I may have a summer internship in Miami too

- I have a man in my life, actually I know him for a few years and I can tell by the way he treats me that it's going to be a good thing in my life; all the support throught my bad times, we've been together for almost a month now and everything is perfect =)

- I have lost a few pounds since I run 3 times a week every week, sometimes I even run with my man lol, I have a better lifestyle with healthier meals and stuff too. I even do some abs at home lol (when I am not lazy) my bf coaches me sometimes too.

- Still processing my drinving licence stuff

Anyways I feel like when you keep faith in something and have the support from your friends, family and bf, no matter what ur going through, it can only be better! And I hope you guys get everything that you want


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