Aouch! It hurts!

I had a long reflexion concerning this topic... 
First of all I didn't wanted to deal with it, then I was like... mmm I should deal with it and it may accelerate the healing process..

Anyways, I got dumped... Yeah, it feels SO WEIRD !! After a 3-year amazing relationship, I did not saw it coming, I remember calling my best friend to tell her I was going to meet up with my ex, being excited and the same day, crying in my bed like a baby, reading the text all over again...

DAY 1 : You wanna know how I felt, damn I feels like a bullet shot straight to your heart.
First I didn't really realized what was going on. And then came the real pain.
I went to my friend's house to talk with him about what happened to me and so..

DAY 2 :  The next morning I took the train to get to a job interview, turned my iPod on, listened to Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart from Alicia Keys, I'm like "lol okay, let's change the song" and then, I put NEXT and it went to When You Touch Me from Brandy and Lord, the tears went down so baddly, everyone in the train was staring at me like "wow how sad she is", and old lady offered me a tissue, and I decided to cancel the job interview and go back home.

I put a sweat on, took my make up off and went to bed, slept from 10AM to 6PM...
At night I went back to my friends house, I was doing a little bit better, but still confused. I wrote an email to my ex to ask from news (which I shouldn't have) and saw all his old emails saying "I love you baby" , all those little names he used to call me like "Chipmunk and others"

I couldn't believe it...

DAY 3 : Woke up and went to my job interview, confident and motivated, it all went good, then I got home around 12 and started staring at our pictures in my room (Yeah I forgot to take those off) and I started to cry really really bad, I guess I cried just like when I learned my grand grandma died =/
I was so sad, hurt and finally realized how hard it would be, with all those things around me that made me think about him..

DAY 4 and 5 : I spent my days with my best friends, it helped a LOT !  I am so thankfull to have great friends to help me going thru all of it =D
I sort of thought about all the bad things that ex had and it went better. lol !

Right now, I feel a little bit better, still hurt and trying to avoid anything/anyone that has to deal with him, unless it is too hard, I don't cry when I talk about it, I took a lot on myself to be strong, and yes it got me way stronger ! I still have 3 steps to get over this break-up,
- Tell my family about it
- Bring his stuff back to him
- Find someone else to open my heart to

I think those 3 steps will be really really hard tho ..

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