Xmas look #1

Okay so I came with that idea of a soft red lip look, and as far as I never wear red lips because It's just not my thing. But this look is kinda soft I guess 
And also, even if it's the holidays, don't wanna look like a hooker lol !
So this is what I did!

This is the whole look, I serated the top of my hair in 2 parts and put the left part as a side bang, curled the whole thing and hair-sprayed it ^^

For my lips I first applied PRIMER in order to intensify the color and to make it last longer =)
Then I took my chapstick (Labello Cherry) which makes my lips cherry-ish kinda, and applied like 3 times and between each time I pressed my lips on a tissue to make it penetrate !
This tip makes your lipstick last longer =)

Then for my eyes, I started by applying my usual Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lids, then I applied the Victoria Secret gold color #Sparkle on the top of my lids and the inner corners to illuminate my eyes .
And finally I took my Rimmel liquid eye liner
and applied a thick eye liner coat, ending with two separates line on the outer corner!
Don't forget to apply some mascara too ! 

That's it !

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