How to get crazy lashes!!

Okay so first I wanted to record a video, and I really got lazy for the edition so I decided to take pictures =)
I used 3 items
1. a M.A.C brush to untangle my lashes
2. the Gemey Maybelline Cils XXL in Intense Black
3. the Dior Diorshow Blackout

Ok, you can use any mascara you like, but I really love those because first of all, the Gemey one has a BASE!!! which is super important if you want long and thick lashes =) THen I love the DiorSHow because it gets your lashes really black, with more curves and volume =)

1. Start with the MAC brush to untangle your lashes =) apply JUST A LITTLE BIT of mascara

2. Apply the base at least 5 times on top and above so you can have really long and separate lashes!
Make sure you take your time, because you'll need to be very patient until your lashes are long

3. Apply the black side of the Gemey and STRETCH !!!!!

4. Stretch again !

5. Curl your lashes with the Diorshow

And you're good to go =)


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