PUMA x Meeting Areva x Usain Bolt

Okay so maybe you missed something... I'm back to Paris for a while just to take care of a few things maybe I'm gonna stay there for the whole summer. Anyways I came back last week, and it was such a rush with all the things I had to do I didnt get much time to post anything.

As you can read it, this one is about a Puma collaboration and the Areva meeting and Usain Bolt.
First off let me explain to you guys everything lol, I happened to be selected by Puma to meet Usain Bolt and race against 7 guys at the Areva event...

It was such a great experience and I felt so lucky to be part of the Puma team =) We basically ran in the stadium and of course I lost against the 7 other boys but I was so much fun!
This is the track where I ran in front of 50 k people! It was pretty scary but the crowd made me had the time of my life lol! I knew that my chances to win the race were low (being the only girl) but it was really fun just to run in front of so many people and just feel how it is to be in a great athlete place.
Here are some pictures of the event =)

Of course Puma made my day with this lifetime experience, all the gifts and the chance to meet and touch (yes I sound like a groupie) Usain Bolt. Which by the way was insane! The guy is so tall and impressive I felt like a little girl lol

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  1. waaaaouuuuuuuw ammamaaaaaaziiiing giiiiirl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!