Limitless style for you!

Okay so have you ever thought spending a thousand on a purse is just crazy? Well I do! Being a young women is being SMART with your money! I'm not saying I'm poor but I have set my priorities straight when it comes to superficial needs, just like spending $400 on a bag I'd rather buy a plane ticket and enjoy some good times. 

Anyways if some of you ladies live in France I have the perfect website for you =)
ADD MOD!  It's a brand new website that basically allows you to rent luxury clothes and accessories

How to : It's really simple, you can rent your item for 3 days, 1 week or 1 month with a low price that will increase within the length of your rental .

I think it's a good ways to save money and to wear nice things for a special occasion !

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  1. Oulalah ce 2.55 de chanel m'rend dingue <3