A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend

Sorry again for the late posts... again. I just wanted to show you some good books I've been reading for a few weeks, I know they may sound girly and stuff but I think they're really interesting.

Feel free to comment below if you have any other books ideas that would be interesting =)

I like to read about relationships because it's a really scary thing to me now, all the pressure of priorities, feelings and commitment will follow us for the rest of our lives so it might be useful to get good advices.

In a refreshingly honest investigation of the true nature of love, don Miguel Ruiz brings to light the commonly held fallacies and misplaced expectations about love that permeate most relationships. In the tradition of Carlos Castaneda, he uses inspirational stories to impart the wisdom of three fundamental Toltec masteries (Awareness, Transformation, and Love). The themes explored include the Toltec wisdom of the heart, the track of love, and the war of control.

Here's something a little fun, just to help you ladies define what's your style, and just feel comfortable in your skin =)
I Love Your Style is a sumptuous full-color look-book and style bible, complete with more than 400 classic and modern photographs, that will both empower and inspire women to dive into the challenge of defining, or refining, their personal style. With fully illustrated chapters, sidebars, shopping lists, and personal stories devoted to a range diverse styles and shopping techniques-Classic, Bohemian, Minimalist, Street, High-Fashion, Cheap Chic, Vintage-Brooks walks readers through every angle of the fashion world, from the basic pieces and accessories that define a style, to the small details, combinations, and adaptations that can make it your own.

This one may be one of the most surprising books I have read so far. The author is a young canadian lady that I really like =) her story is amazing and it really gives you motivation to seek your own goals

Beyond Beauty "The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Strong, Smart And Beautiful Woman" was born after I realized the power that I had inside of me a power that we all possess whether we know it or not. The truth is that at this very moment, you are creating your life and your future. Originally, Beyond Beauty was going to be a book of short stories of my life learned lessons, but slowly it began shaping itself into a female empowerment book, not your typical female empowerment book though. Beyond Beauty is a guide that covers everything you need to know about how to attract wealth, success and love. With subjects starting with inside and outside beauty; to getting that dream job; to getting your money right and to finding Mr. Right and getting him to commit. The ultimate guide to becoming the ultimate woman. Stop 'Living the Life' and START LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS! You have so much potential inside of you, you can do things that you can't even begin to imagine, and it's your time to become the woman that YOU KNOW you can be! Are you ready for a New You and a New Beginning? If you are, Beyond Beauty will guide you step by step on how to get that money, get that man, get that dream job and GET THAT LIFE."

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