F1 Grand Prix of Canada

Yes I know im 2 weeks late but I was so busy in Montreal lately and my macbook has an internet problem so basically i only used my iPhone to post on twitter thats it... Anyways im back with old and new stuff that I`ve been doing =)
Im having a blast in MTL, really like this place is awesome, I met soo many interesting and different people, and I really wanna try to live there for 3-4 years.

 Back to the main subject, last weekend was the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada, and I found out that its a huge weekend for the Canadian and Montreal citizen. Day and night parties from friday to sunday! The downtown area was packed and big cars were all over the place.
We were invited to a few parties and had a lot of fun!

Then we ended the weekend with a fashion show then club party =)

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