White monday

 Necklace : H&M
2 finger ring : Girls Prop
Watch : Timex

Monday, back to work... my last days in Paris because I'm moving to Canada in a few days now! 
Yes I am super excited and I can't wait to be there! If any of you have been to Canada please share your thoughts in the comment box down below =) I've never been there and I'm kind of stressing out a little bit lol! I think i'll be posting a lot of articles there especially beauty haul videos! I heard they had great products there! I'll also be spending time in the US... I'll let you guys know all my moves lol! 


  1. Hey girl, where are u moving exactly? i know mtreal, it's awesome, the mentality there is sooo different, kinda like in the US, people are just so nice and cool...anyway, i'm pretty sure u'll love it there, so i wish u the best n keep up with the great blog ;) xx

  2. hey thanks for the comment! i'll be in Montreal =) if you have any tips to give me im all yours!

  3. Ure going for work? school?? I saw the invite for friday.. I would have loved to be there but it will be pretty hard!! wish you all the best for Ur new life <3<3

  4. Montreal is wonderful ♡ lucky you!! i'm too curious to see your new outfits from Canada! Bisous

  5. I have to take some pictures it's true I totally forgot about it =/