Spring Up your life!

Buh Buy awful winter! We can now enjoy the sunny days again and let lose =)
Here are some tips to keep it popping during spring!

Get ready for spring cleaning.
Seriously!  a study showed that the more housework a couple does, the more sex they have. So scrub that kitchen counter… lool
Update your get-busy playlist.
Get rid of all your depressing songs and only put empowering songs or songs that remind you happy things =) Right now, I'm loving "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyoncé; I also listen to a lot of latin songs which always keep me in a good mood!
Bond with your guy via an outside date.
Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash suggests posing as tourists in your own (or a nearby) city. Hop on that double-decker bus you see every day — and enjoy the warm spring breeze by sitting up top — or do a mini pub crawl visiting only bars with patio or sidewalk seating.
Take your exercise regimen outdoors.
Specifically, running along the river, yoga in the park, it feels 10 times better!! 

Hopefully those tips will help you embrace your springtime =)
If you have any other tips feel free to share! 

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