How to Be Confident

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Confident people are like magnets…they tend to capture the attention, trust and respect of those around them. They believe they can do it, so they take risks and reap the rewards. 
But there is a thin line between being confident and being arrogant. No one likes a know-it-all, or someone who doesn’t listen because they believe they have nothing to learn. If you display arrogance, you may turn people off, lose potential opportunities and hurt your reputation. Not to mention it can be a lonely way to live. So here are some ways to maximize your confidence without encroaching into arrogance territory.

Be Approachable

Having confidence doesn’t do you any good if you become standoffish or unfriendly because of it. You want to be able to enhance and develop relationships, not make people view you guardedly. You can make yourself more approachable by making eye contact and using body language that invites conversation.

Be Sincere

Arrogant people either rarely offer compliments or do so in a way that feels forced and artificial, and it can almost undermine the success of the other person. Make a point to frequently and genuinely acknowledge the hard work and successes of those around you, even those who you may consider competition. 

Be Humble

Modesty and confidence work exceptionally well together in the battle against arrogance. To be considered confident without arrogance, act with humility when you are recognized for a job well done, and be accountable for your role in any errors that transpire.

Be Wrong

Arrogance almost always comes with a perpetual belief that you are right, while confidence balances your ability to listen and learn from those around you. While it may seem that admitting uncertainty can chip away at your level of confidence, the opposite is true. Being clear about what you know and what you don’t know can be liberating, and it’s usually appreciated by others.

Be Forthcoming
You’re confident because you’re good at what you do. Instead of sitting on a pedestal with your knowledge in your pocket, share it. 


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