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New products I've been using and loving!



I usually like to wear my hair curly during spring-summer so here to start 2 new hair products I've been using when I style my hair curly 
L'Oreal Silk & Mousse : I've been using it for a few weeks now when I wear my hair curly. It gives a nice weavy look when you dry you hair with a blowdryer and brush it. It's a big bottle so it lasts long and there's enough gas to make a thick mousse. Also your hair won't be sticky after using it. Unfortunately I don't see the "silky" effect.

Elseve Boucles Sublimes : This hydrating/curling spray was given me from my best friend since she cut all her hair lol I've only been using it a few times but it's really good! I detangles my hair easily and gives a nice curly/wet effect. I like to apply it during the day so my curls last longer. I spray it from the bottom to the roots and then shape it with my fingers to define the curls. 


John Frieda - Finish Spray Gloss :  Well I got this anti frizz spray a few months ago and have been LOVING it!! It gives a nice shine, not greasy at all and it holds my hair a little bit too.

IC - Hair Polisher : Okay so this one was recommended to me by a cape verdian friend that has incredible hair and she's been using it for ages. I wanted to give it a try and got it in a afro hair salon (I usually don't get my hair products there except shampoo sometimes because they but a lot of keratin in their products which makes mine break ...) Anyways this oil smells like heaven, I apply it every day a few drops in my palms and just go through my hair with my fingers to avoid a sticky/greasy look. 

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