The movie was good, but there was something missing...
I don't know exactly, maybe some more action. I think there were too many boring scenes.
Though it was entertaining. I loved the begining but around the middle of the movie I wasnt paying that much attention. The graphics were amazing !!!! I saw it tonight in numeric  3D and wow you can tell they put money on special effects!!! The face of Jeff Bridges was outstanding ! 
And the music from Daft Punk of course! I didn't like the fact that they showed them like 3 or 4 times in a scene. I mean if your a real Daft Punk fan you can recognize them in 1 shot. But come on 4 times? lol 
That's way too commercial. Anyways it was good so go check it out! 
Plus a sneak peak of a TRONized Disney Castle #niiiice (loso's voice)

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