Like a dungeon dragon

Another day another dollar...
I spent a very good week, work was okay and I had a lot of fun this weekend in Paris, we had a beautiful weather even if it was cold. It's already february and I'm like woowww time goes too fast!
I'm already planning my next months, thinking about a lot of projects.
I feel really good, like all the bad things in my life are far away, it's way better.
Sometime it feels weird to be happy because I'm so scared of something going wrong and being sad lol.
Anyways everything is good right now and I am proud of myself for everything I did to be at this point of my life!

I HAVE to come back to my youtube channel for more videos! I have so many ideas of videos but I don't take the time to record and edit all my recordings anymore. I still looking forward to showing you new things asap!

Oh and on this random picture there's the breakfast I took a morning and it was soo good! pancakes, hot chocolate, applesauce and a glass of juice! Perfect to start the day!

Hope you guys are doing good too! Thank you for your support, and all the questions you ask, I guess my next video will be a video response =)
xx Cici

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