Some goodies for your hair!

These products are the ones I mainly use to STYLE my hair.
Of course I don't use it all at the same time lol! 

I get random brands and I like to switch often so I can try new products so my hair don't get too used to a routine.

1. MIZANI Comfiderm Scalp Oil : a moisturizing serum that smoothes your hair and helps it to stay straight, but only use a small drop and apply from bottom to top in order to avoid a greasy result.

2. KERASTASE Soleil Micro Voile Protecteur : This one is a spray that gives shine to your hair and protects it from heat and has a sunscreen, I use it in summer mostly but in winter too. spray very far from your hair because the pump is strong lol

3. DESSANGE Elixir concentre de nutrition : I use this one everytime I shampoo on my wet hair, especially on the ends. it helps untangle your hair and nourishes it thanks to its 2 rich oils

4. PINK Body Mist from Victoria Secret : intrude lol

5. DARK & LOVELY Moisture Plus Olive Oil : This cream is really good but VERY THICK! I only use it at night after doing my shampoo or on the ends if I have really dry ends. I never apply it on my roots.

6. KERASTASE Specifique Fluide Purifiant : This one is especially made for pellicular hair. I tend to get pellicular states when I'm stressed out so I just apply some on my roots and leave it without rinsing it 


HAIR DRYER : Calor 1700 CV 4030 this one is a basic hair dryer, I want to get a new one with at least 2200W so my hair can but dry faster. 

REMINGTON TIStudio Pearl Ceramic : same thing here, a basic hair straightener. The edges are arrowed so you can give more shape to your look and even do lose curls!

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