Relationship Resolutions to Make for New Year's

Imagine that 2011 can be the best year ever for your love life. Follow these commandments and watch your bond with your man grow even stronger.

1. Stop overanalyzing. 
Alright ladies: This means not rereading a text message 12 times and wondering if you should reply now, in 5 minutes, or in 2 hours lol!  All that energy could be spent doing something, shopping. =)

2. Quit the toxic guys. 
Bad boys may be cool (and usually hot), but do you really want to waste your time on wanting to CHANGE HIM? Even Audrina finally ditched Justin Bobby in the Hills !

3. Control your informations. 
Your followers don't really need a checking of your love life! It's the new way to overshare and just as bad as posting 500 pics of the two of you making out on Facebook...

7. Leave the games for your Nintendo Wii. 
We'll admit it: Sometimes it feels GREAT to flirt with a random guy in front of your bf just to get him jealous. But even if your guy is the jerk who's neglecting you, he'll just get mad at YOU for playing games. Trust me I've been there!

8. Forget that other girl "friend" who may or may not be into him. 
Unless he calls her all the time or starts taking over your date nights, you have nothing to worry about. Instead, use that mental energy on something else ! Been there too lol ! 

9. Banish this question from your brain: Where is this going? 
You may have your love life scheduled like your career (kiss on the third date, sex after a month, i love you after 3 lol ), but you can't map out a relationship. Leave your life and enjoy the ride!

10. Step away from his Facebook profile. 
Just because his status is still "single" after a month doesn't mean he wants to break up with you. Stop  wondering about all those photos tagged of him and some girl posting a comment on his profile picture!!!

11. Don't look at his phone/ email. 
I know it can be cute to give each others passwords and stuff but you need your privacy too! Trust is better than knowing he chatted "hi" to some chick named Sarah four months ago. If you suspect he's up to something, confront him first before calling a private investigator haha!

12. Stop demanding perfection. 
Stop looking for mr right. he's not right maybe he's left i don't know! 


  1. Rule Number 9 I like iiit!!!
    it is always a pleasure to read U!!!

    And What for the girl taht decided NOT to get into a relationship this year? any advices on how to Only date?? muah ah ah ah cause this is where I am right now!

  2. lol how to only date?? thats a tough question, I used to do that, not getting serious and get my full head into work.
    Well at first it worked for me BUT a few months later it landed me to a dead end where I was too careless in the relationship and the guy was too demanding.
    I have changed a lot emotionally talking. So if you only wanna date you can do it but be careful it can land you to feelings if you're not careful lol

  3. I think I am just tired right now of trying... or giving and getting nothing back! so Girl just wanna have fun right now... and if "EVER" I found someone Really worth it I might maybe get involved lmao .... but right now I am just way too much waisted to even think about being any one regular girlfriend.... :s

  4. I just love this post!!!
    I'll find the love in 2011 and I'll follow your advices...