Have yourself a merry little xmasssss!!!!

Gosh I love xmas eve, xmas food and xmas songs!!!! lol I keep singin em out loud like a cow and then laught on my own but anyways lol

This xmas was good as always except that I ended up being sick the day after =( ewww 

Here are some pictures of my xmas, a caribbean christmas as far as my family comes from there.
We ate a LOT (I guess that's the reason I was sick afterwards cause I dropped a few pounds and am not used to eat a lot anymore lol )
I had a lot of fun with my family, dancing, singing creole christmas songs and playing Just Dance 2 
Unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow =( 

 very pretty bear shapped candles
 table decorations
 twitpicing food lol
 creole dish : boudin
 my cousin and I acting dumb
 pop champagne
 The best juice ever after grapefruit : Maracuja and Guava straight from the Caribbean's =) 

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