Orabrush package review

If you don't know it yet I got a package from Orabrush and here's the review and how to use it =)

remember that :

- using a toothbrush to clean your tongue is WRONG! it's gonna hurt it and only move the bacteria everywhere in your mouth, actually, the bristles on your toothbrush are way too hard to clean your tongue.

- Orabrush REALLY WORKS! you'll feel the difference right after you'll rinse your mouth, your breath will be fresher, cleaner, and will stay longer!

- One test to know what's the level of your bad breath : take a spoon, stick it in the back of your tongue, let it dry and smell it... yep, even if you don't smell it when you talk, you can have a low, up to a high level of bad breath.

Anyways, I got two of em, you can keep it up to 6 months and have to clean it every single time you use it! Just like your toothbrush. It's better to use it right after you used mouthwash for a better result!

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