Mobile Uploads

I decided to share with you guys a few pictures I took with my phone lately.
No need to explain you how bad the resolution is on blackberries... anyways i might get an iPhone 4 really soon so i'll take better snapshots

having some rest earlier today after the gym

hmm I loove making pancakes

very long trip i love how the colors appear...

drinks with my ladies 

those who know me well know that I like drinking in huge cups
This is why I kept this BK large cup 

An old card I wrote to my mommy saying
that I will TRY to be good during the summer holidays lol
how cute

LUSH Store in Bordeaux (south west coast of france)

my keyboard


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  2. Rah les pancakes mix des classic foods sont tellement KILLER! Bref t'as l'air d'avoir un keyboard casio bien vieux haha :)

  3. LOL ouais mon clavier date dil y a tres longtemps mais il est toujours cool =)