SALT Movie Premiere in Paris

I got tickets for the movie premiere of Salt so I went yesterday to see the movie and Angelina Jolie came with the cast to say hi.

The movie is basically a mix of Enemy of State (Tony Scott) with a women lol
It will only be released next week in France (yeah... always at last), anyways it was really good, a lot of action, it never stops!! And I gotta say that Angelina Jolie played very well and just rocked the screen! Everyone was screaming DAMN all the time lol

I heard she did most of her stunts too...
The movie was not entirely predictable which is pretty much what I like in movies, some scenes were not realistic but it was really entertaining ! The audience was shouting it was fun lol

Sorry for the bad quality but it was crowded and I couldn't take close ups pictures...
Anyways go see it coz its the real deal!

Here is the trailer if you missed it

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