Questions Guys hate being asked

We ask our men to be honest, and when they are it is not always the answers we want to hear after all!
Just keep in mind: men are tuned in in a different way than women!
The following 5 questions are the questions men hate to be asked!

Question no 1 - What are you thinking?
The right answer is: I was thinking how lucky I am to have a girlfriend like you! I am so glad I met you!
The wrong answer is: Football

Question no 2 - Do you love me?
The right answer is: Yes! -without hesitation
The wrong answer: What is love?

Question no 3 - Do you think I am fat?
The right answer is: Of course not! You are beautiful.
The wrong answer is: Well, you are not exactly skinny!

Question no 4: Do you think she is prettier than me?
The right answer is: Of course not!
The wrong answer is: Not as pretty as you used to be

Question no 5: What will you do if I die?
The right answer is: You are not going to die, you are the love of my life
The wrong answer is: I will remarry in sake of the kids

Think carefully before you answer these questions! LOL

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