Hema Nails Haul

Some brand new stuff from Hema =)

- Glass nail file - Nail polish remover in pads - Nail hardener - Pink nail polish

If you don't know why glass nail files are better here's your answer =)

"One of the primary advantages of glass nail files is the fact that the glass is permanently etched.
This is better than emery nail files, which generally become worn out quite quickly.

Nail files made of steel typically cause the nail to chip or to crack because they are too rough on the nailGlass nail files, on the other hand, help reduce the amount of chipping, splitting, and peeling."


  1. coucou, tu vas dans quel hema? j'ai découvert ce magasin à créteil soleil

  2. Pareil a Creteil Soleil! mais la ils n'ont plus beaucoup de stocks de vernis apparement...