Active 02 water

New Active O2 Fitness is pure Alpine water drawn deep from the Bavarian Alps, filtered over thousands of years through mineral laden rock, packed with 15 times more oxygen and enriched with vitamins. It's the latest functional drink to arrive in Ireland, from its native Germany, where it has been invigorating professionals tired of the daily grind.

The benefits of oxygen

Oxygen is essential for life, without it we could not survive. The benefits of pure oxygen are well known and include good skin, healthy cell production and clear thinking. For many of us, living in the city means that most of the oxygen we breathe in contains damaging pollutants. Drinking a bottle of Active O2, with its high oxygen content, not only helps to re-hydrate you, but also gives your body and mind a beneficial boost of pure oxygen. A bottle of Active O2 Fitness also contains added B-Group vitamins, including B5, B6, B12 and Niacin. These are essential for healthy skin and red blood cells; to release energy from food; and are necessary for normal mental and cognitive processes.
The process of bonding used by Active 02 to concentrate the oxygen in the water is one that has been patented by Active 02 and is unique to the brand. In fact, it is so effective that even after six hours at room temperature, an open bottle of Active 02 still contains 50% of its original oxygen content. In addition, Active 02's unique, patented Sportslock cap further reduced any loss of oxygen, the Sportslock cap is also one of the most hygienic bottle caps on the market.
So the next time you're feeling stressed in the city, try Active 02 Fitness in Apple Kiwi, Orange Lemon and Iced Berry in 0,75l PET bottles with unique Sportslock closure.

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