I spent a few days in Paris with my friends watching soccer at the Trocadero =)
Good place to chill with soccer fans lol!
Anyways I was in a sports mood so I went there with my male friends to see how it was doing there!

Tuesday night was just crazy for the game between Spain and Portugal! People got into fights and stuff! I was scared lol
And yesterday (friday) in the afternoon I decided to go back there and support Brazil (no i'm not brazilian at all) I just wanted to cheer for this team which has been 7 times world champions!

Even though they lost the game was cool, people went there in a peace mood, dancing around cheering and stuff =D

Here is a little mix of my soccer time. It's in french...

FIFA World Cup 2010 from Cecilia Online on Vimeo.
Just a little footage of 2 games

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