Fusio-Fiber technology?? Ughhh

LOL no need to be a nerd to get that this thing is weird
I wanted to give it a try...
The lady from Sephora told me that I should use it after a crazy night out or when I am really exhausted so I'm keeping it for this week end (I have a few parties to go to...) lol Hopefully it will work =)

"Power Mask - Fusio-Fiber Face Mask (Original Price $12)
What it is:
A new generation, super-soothing face mask.

What it is formulated to do:
Feel the effects of beauty boosting Technology with Sephora Brand's Power Face Mask - Fusio-Fiber Face Mask. This groundbreaking thermal treatment establishes instant affinity with the skin to achieve masterfully smooth results.

What else you need to know:
This complexion-perfecting formula is rich in rehydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory tumeric, and regenerating rosemary for completely calmed, nourished skin. Each packet contains one single-use mask."

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